Feldman Shepherd Director of Marketing Job Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in the Director of Marketing role at Feldman Shepherd. Kindly, please upload your resume and video and or audio files with answers to the following questions within 5 days of receiving the email notification.

  1. Introduce yourself - (1 min) - Which area on the marketing mix is your strongest suit?
  2. What is your process for pitching a project to a team? (1 min)
  3. Tell us about a recent project you have worked and your strategy behind it. From pitch to execution (2 min)
  4. How do you approach failure? (1 min)
  5. How do you deal with getting consensus and buy-in? (1 min)
  6. How would you use digital marketing tools (social media, SEO, paid search, etc.) to market a law firm? (1 min)

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